A lot of folks believe that reclaimed wood is only rubbish wood, filled with nails and only beneficial to the skip. How mistaken they are. Reclaimed timber has become very popular for reasons that are numerous: The wood’s distinctive look, its contribution to green building, the story of the roots of the wood and its actual physical qualities, like appearance, power, longevity, and stability. Reclaimed seasoned wood has likewise already been subjected to changes in humidity, and it is thus a lot more stable, enabling it to be utilized with central heating methods, for instance without needing to hold out for doing it to acclimatize. 

Although not all reclaimed wood is aged! Great quantities of wood are employed than just tossed away – despite the reality that it’s still completely re-usable. This’ new’ timber is primarily reclaimed from the building business and would usually go to the landfill, thus leading to greenhouse gas production. 

Britain’s waste wood requires roughly two% of the complete waste, and also the United Kingdom currently consumes approximately three % of the world’s timber generation – a great deal considering our island’s small size! You might not think this, but there’s more than 2.5 million a lot of timber that’s taken from hospitals, churches, libraries, houses & bars annually in the United Kingdom. Far more than half of it’s burnt or discarded. Roughly 10 % of this is tropical hardwood. Much of this outdated reclaimed timber is of extremely high quality, and so thus it’s a complete waste of our valuable resource. 

Reclaimed wood is usually in the condition that is great and may be reused in many different parts including making items for the garden, bird boxes, fencing, plant boxes, i.e., trellis, sheds. For the inside of the house, you are able to repair flooring, try making wall paneling, ceilings, kitchen backsplashes, shelving, partitions, counter tops, wainscoting, trim, architectural features, storage boxes – the list is limitless. 

With reclaimed material being extremely common, it’s becoming harder to source. With such a top demand, some sellers attempt to successfully pass newer wood from as antique so be mindful. Reclaimed wood is additionally an environmentally friendly alternative that keeps quality wood from the wood chipper and also brings character and depth from the wood’s last life. You can ensure you get genuine quality reclaimed woods by choosing Big Timberworks as your supplier. Visit their website or their showroom to see their products for yourself.

Also, do not forget it’s also a fraction of the price that you’d usually spend in DIY stores. The price of completely new wood is very costly that unfortunately, that places off lots of DIY wood enthusiasts that is a fantastic shame since all of us like place our hands to a thing and so why don’t you change to reclaimed wood and conserve a fortune!