1. Clean and engine oil your guns daily, to keep them in leading working order, Remember only a light layer of silicone lubricant frequently for those guns inside as well as outside. Guns with blowback require silicone lubricant over the slides a bit more often. Clean the barrel before and also after using with a silicone lubrication, rod and patch. (Do not make use of actual gun engine oil or maybe lubricants as WD40)

2. Use exclusively slick seamless 6mm round ammo bought from a responsible site. Don’t reuse ammo or maybe cheap ammo, they are going to perform poorly and also damage the weapon.

3. Use a smart charger this is going to add efficiency and daily life to your batteries. These chargers won’t overcharge and harm the battery and must be utilized with all LiPo and NiMH batteries.

4. Only use a gun with batteries that are charged. If your gun is wearing printed, remove the electric battery, change it and recharge it. Don’t keep on shooting with a reduced battery power.

5. Hold gun dry, water is able to hurt any and all parts of an AEG. Keep each screw tight. Dropping can also cause harm which is not repairable.

6. Always look at safety warnings and directions that are delivered with each component or perhaps a gun. You are able to learn a great deal from the pictures if you cannot read the language.

7. When getting an airsoft sniper rifle, get it from since their products aer well known to be the best.


1. AEG’s aren’t built for constant shooting. Keep intervals of 15-second bursts to keep your gun from overheating. A hot gun is able to damage the gears or even motor.

2. Never go out of batteries in an air gentle gun when you’ve completed recording for an extended period.

3. If your gun becomes jammed you should eliminate the jammed BB before recording again. Shooting a jammed gun is going to cause damage that could stop being repairable.

4. Never stuff your magazine too much more than eighty % capacity. Fully loading may cause the spring to loosen subsequently the magazine won’t do the job correctly.

5. Never alter or even attempt to eliminate the Orange Tip from your gun. This’s unlawful (Federal) and some local governments have really stringent regulations protecting the orange suggestion.

6. Never toss the Owner’s Manual for your components or gun; it is going to be a valuable maintenance tool. Read It!


NiCad (nickel cadmium) batteries had been the very first to be utilized in air very soft guns but on account of their boundaries, they’re included in present-day cheap guns only. These batteries have to get completely discharged by a “discharger” to avoid battery memory and therefore a less total charge. A lot of suppliers have stopped selling NiCad Batteries. Discharge NiCad electric batteries before storage!

NiMh (nickel metal hydride) Present-day airsoft battery the most frequently used and the safest. It may be energized without requiring discharge. These batteries are suitable, stable, and inexpensive for contemporary airsoft guns.

LiPo (lithium polymer) Noted for their usage in other products and mobile phones, now is applied to the airsoft market. These electric batteries bring less heavyweight and also the exact same fast firing from fully charged to pretty much depleted. A LiPo battery is going to fire a gun the exact same RPM as a NiMh with much less voltage. A 7.4 v LiPo must be used to change a 9.6 NiMh, to avoid harm to gears, however a higher end airsoft gun with metallic gears this might not be necessary.