Athletic Club

Thank you for your interest in our Athletic Club! We are excited to have you in our club. Nothing very formal here, just pure love for sports and camaraderie.

Do not get intimidated by the Athletic Club title. As we’ve said, there is nothing formal or competitive about joining our organization. It is even a fun way to connect with sport-minded people.

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You could just be a beginner looking for a new healthy hobby to pursue or a hardcore fitness trainer with muscles all day. It doesn’t matter. Our Athletic Club aims to be friendly, challenging, and helpful for all our members.

You don’t even have to be physically fit and athletic to join us. We only require our members to be open, participative, and kind. We discourage sports snobs here! We want to promote fitness and athletics and what better way to do that but by leading the unfit to the healthy lifestyle that Athletics inspire us to live.

Again, please do not be shy to join us. We are a happy bunch of Athletics enthusiast!

Come and be part of our team.